Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bank ABC



2005 - 0,5 mil USD

The bank acquired a gracious old fifties house in the heart of Maputo on the Ave Julius Nyerere and needed to transform this into a bank. The house was occupied by the US marines for ten years as their local base in the city. We decided to keep us much of the original house as possible however; it needed a new identity as the HQ for a bank with huge plans in Mozambique.

We responded to this by retaining much of the old facades and clipping a contemporary glass box as an entrance to the bank. The glass box acts as a transparent feature in harmony with the old façade. All the arches to the old verandahs were retained and shopfronts were inserted in such a way that the arches built in beautiful sandstone, were left untouched during construction. The beautiful original staircase inside the building was also left and acts as the only vertical access to the first floor administration area. Fortunately for the bank, this was one of the only double stands left in Maputo with only a pool and entertainment area on the second site. The pool was filled and we were able to create a bank with the best parking facilities in Maputo.

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