Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hollard and KPMG


2007 – 6,0 mil USD

In 2006, Mark Meiring of Mesch took an option on a piece of land in the heart of the city, near the FACIM complex to develop it as a spec project. We designed a “speculative” building, divided in two by a proposed coffee shop and a piazza and went to the market in order to test the interest and response to the building.

We knew of various prospective “tenants” and developers in the market from previous engagements and one of these candidates was Hollard Insurance Company of Mozambique. They showed interest and we developed the brief further to accommodate two penthouse apartments on the top floor of the Building One. Hollard then signed KPMG as the tenant of Building Two which is about 1500sqm plus parking and we were commissioned as architects to design and administer the construction.

Building one has two banks at ground floor level, Barclays and Pro-Credit and the balance of the floor of ± 2500 sqm has tenant parking. Building One has largely Hollard Insurance on the first floor, The British Council on the second floor and BP on the third and fourth floors with Penthouse apartments above them. KPMG occupies the entire building two and a coffee shop divides the two. A Freeform Fabric structure sits over the piazza as a shaded roof for tenants to enjoy coffee and light meals in the Mozambique outdoors. Total GLA of ± 5000 sqm

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