Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hotel Cardoso alterations and additions


2008 – 2009 – 1,5mil USD

The last renovation to the Hotel Cardoso was done in the early nineties and the hotel was in dire need of a refurbishment. Apart from the room refurbishment, it was also decided to swop the main dining facility, which did not enjoy any great views, with the conference facility which boasted some of the greatest views over the Maputo Harbour.

We did this by linking a new concrete covered walkway from the hotel Bar to the new site for the restaurant, to be named the Fiamma “ Flame”. Half the old conference centre, The Salao Bayette, was demolished to make way for  a larger restaurant complete with a new covered deck area, lower than that of the restaurant, to create unobstructed views for the inside diners.

Three smaller meeting rooms and some shops were also added adjacent to the hotel parking area.

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