Saturday, September 21, 2019

M Cel Phase I

2001 -2002 - 4,0 mil USD

The brief was to design a park with a GLA of approximately 4000 sqm and ample parking for this development. We responded to the brief and a 7000sqm site by lifting the office floors above the ground and placing them above a parking podium. This was due to the high water table in this area that did not allow for abasement.

Originally designed as an Office Park for Pegasus III and the CDC, and designed to be built in three phases. Phase I was completed when the only cellular operator in Mozambique approached us to complete the project as their Head Office. The design was somewhat changed to accommodate some of their technical requirements with one of the buildings in the park, completely dedicated as a technical building and housing all the technical equipment. Designed in a Neo-Classical architectural style.

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